Corporate Framing

The walls of your business should reflect your company’s identity. Creative Framing, led by frame expert Deb Rolli, can take the guesswork out of your corporate framing project. Show your employees appreciation with certificates, display certifications and awards, or simply decorate the office with artwork- Creative Framing will help you with each step.

Here are five steps to help get you started:

  1. Identify the area or areas where you want the art to be placed. Creative Framing can frame art you provide or offer options for you to browse.
  2. After selecting the artwork, Deb will help you to select framing materials that will look the most appealing in the space where you plan to hang the art. Options include: metal, wood, shadow boxes, wide frames, narrow frames, simple frames, and decorative frames.
  3. Consider what type of glass will look best and work best for the intended placement. Options include: regular glass, non-glare glass, museum glass, conservation glass, and plexiglass.
  4. Once each piece of your framing project is selected, Deb will provide you with a cost estimate. Estimates can be based on customer installing art or Creative Framing providing installation services.
  5. Arrange for drop-off of your piece(s). Creative Framing takes great pride in keeping your items protected. To arrange for delivery of your completed framing project(s), contact Deb by calling 765-744-7920 or send an email to

Make your corporate office standout by displaying art, certifications, and awards. If you have any questions about how to get started, contact us at 765-744-7920 or send an email to . Let’s create something beautiful!

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